[Updated] Shape Land Ver. 1.1 – Now Available


This update addresses several major errors and adds some improvements. Below the change log and some screen shots from the new version.

– new control system based on directional buttons instead virtual joystick
– in game hints & tips when there is somethings new to do in a level
– fixed bug on iPhone 4S that showed the game cut at top and bottom
– fixed graphic bug in level 22
– added fire sound
– added sound when a star give bullets
– minor bugs fixing
– add button to replay the current level in pause menu
– game is now “Universal”

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Shape Land – Livello #12 – soluzione (ITA/ENG)

Livello #12 – Level #12


1) raccogli S1
2) spingi C1 in P1
3) spingi C2 in P2
4) spingi C3 dopo la freccia (ATTENZIONE : SPINGERE CON CALMA)
5) spingi C4 in P4
6) spingi C3 in P3
7) raccogli S3
8) raccogli S2
9) raccogli S4
10) raccogli la stella blu seguendo il percorso e facendo attenzione ai proiettili sparati da E1 ed E2

1) collect S1
2) push C1 to P1
3) push C2 to P2
4) push C3 to the right of the horizontal arrow (WARNING : PUSH CAREFULLY)
5) push C4 to P4
6) push C3 to P3
7) collect S3
8) collect S2
9) collect S4
10) collect the blue star following the path avoiding the bullets shoot by E1 and E2